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Parenting from Within

A six-week tele-retreat for parents led by Martha Beck Coach Kate Apanui and Master Coach Erin Cutshall.

Experience the unconditional love that flows between you and your child on a regular basis. Learn how your child and the difficulties of parenting, are really pathways opening up to you, showing you the way to peace, wisdom and enlightenment - and an amazing relationship with your kids.

  • Do you want to love and enjoy being with your kids - all the time?
  • Do you wish you were a calmer, more peaceful parent?
  • Do you see other parents having fun with their kids while making it all look effortless, and wish you could have the same?
  • Do you sometimes have really great moments with your kids, only to find yourself locked in power struggles in the next moment?  Does this emotional roller-coaster make you wonder how you can keep more of an even balance in your family?
  • Are you or your kids going through changes and you feel like you need to reconnect with them again?
  • Does it feel like your kids are out of control, doing and saying things you’d rather they wouldn’t?  Do you wish you had a way to deal with that?
  • Would you like to awaken, and become more connected to your true nature? Did you know that you can do this through the relationship you already have with your children?
  • Do you feel like you’d be a great parent if it wasn’t for your kids?

Join us for a non-traditional parenting class.  Parenting from Within is a journey into your true nature and the deep and powerful connection you have with your child.  Come and discover how your children are supporting you, raising you, and offering you sacred assistance in your growth and awakening.  Learn how to trust yourself and your child.  Begin to notice the partnership you have together and the deeper roles you play in each others lives.

USA Dates:  2015 on  Wednesdays.......  Oct 21st | Oct  28th | Nov 4th | Nov 11th | Nov 18th | Dec 2nd    (We will not meet the week of Thanksgiving - 25th November)

USA Times: 10:00 am PT | 11:00 am MT | 12:00 pm CT | 1:00 pm ET | 

This NZ information is for the SAME CALL - but because of the big time difference between the States and NZ- NZ times and dates are different.

NZ Dates:  2015 on Thursdays.........Oct 22nd | Oct  29th | Nov 5th | Nov 12th | Nov 19th | Dec 3rd    (We will not meet the week of Thanksgiving - 26th November)

NZ Times: 07:00am NZ

Cost: $60 USD

Dial-in information:  Calls will be held on a conference line....... you'll receive an email with the dial-in details, and password once you've registered for the retreat.  Don’t worry if you can’t make a call live as we'll be recording the calls and sending them out to all participants - though you'll ge the most benefit from having a live presence on the call, as we will be interacting a lot with participants.   

Just a friendly reminder that your call provider will charge you whatever your regular rates are for these calls - if you're calling from outside of the USA you may want to consider using skype or other VOIP software - and always remember to check with your provider what the charges are.

You’ll leave Parenting From Within with...................

  • A way to find peace in your relationship with your child.
  • A renewed sense of purpose and hope around parenting.
  • The understanding that our children are our teachers and an ability to hear what they are teaching us.
  • Clear direction on what to do next to maintain good relationships with your kids.
  • An understanding of how and when traditional parenting advice doesn’t work and what to do instead.
  • More clarity in all of your relationships.
  • An ability to go within for your parenting answers where the only real answers lie.


Your Coaches...........

Erin Cutshall is a Master Life Coach and Master Equus Coach and parent of two amazing children, ages 9 and 12.  Even though she has amazing children, like most parents, she has struggled to find her way though many parenting dilemmas.  Erin finally found joy and rest in her relationship with her children through her work with horses and by doing The Work of Byron Katie.  The combination of what she's learned through these two amazing teachers as well as through navigating the relationships with her own children is what she brings to the conversation around parenting today



Kate Apanui is a Certified Life Coach and Certified Equus Coach, she's also the mother of three  awesome kids, ages 6, 3 and 7 months.  With all these little people running around, her life is very busy - and there are times she has felt overwhelmed by the demands of parenting, unsure how to handle her kids and the typical parenting issues that naturally arise, and under pressure to do a better job and be a better mama! 

Through the teachings of Byron Katie, and applying what she's learned from Life Coaching and Equus Coaching, Kate has been able to create relationships that have a feeling of ease and balance, and a lifestyle with the kids that brings her peace and happiness.  Kate Believes parenting is a practice - and loves to connect with other parents who are interested in finding freedom as parents.