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Coaching has been such a blessing in my life. I get to work with people who want to create something new and want to do something different. Usually my clients are struggling in at least one area of their life. I love walking the path with these people. I've been through my fair share of struggles. I still struggle sometimes. But mostly I'm happy and I love the life I have. The reason for this is the tools I have learned and the beliefs I have been able to undo that have been the ultimate cause of my suffering.

If you are in crisis, or perhaps just mildly anxious most of the time, or dreaming of something new or different, I can help. We can bridge the gap between the life you want and the life you have. The gap is where all of the suffering lies. I love listening to my clients and helping them to analyze the thinking and the reality and map out what lies between those two. I love teaching them the tools that have helped me to find my own joy. I've seen with my own life and over and over again with my clients' lives that reality and what you want your reality to be can merge or merge closely enough that life isn't so painful any more.

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What clients have to say

"I’ve been working with Erin for several months now and I am amazed at where life has taken me. There has been a lot of movement from places where I‘ve been stuck, as well as many ‘aha’ moments that leave me astonished at the power of inspiration.

It’s as if Erin has been able to distill all the information I’ve been gathering for the last twenty years about life beyond the physical boundaries we’ve set in our society and then reflect these truths back to me in the most simple, basic form that takes out the “overwhelm” and leaves me with so many simple possibilities.

Since working with Erin I have found that a talent I possess can be of assistance to many people and opportunities to offer this service keep popping up as I allow myself to step into my strengths. She helped me to see that the things we do effortlessly in life are the areas where we can make the most difference. She also helps me see and accept without judgment those parts of myself that aren’t so lovely. This illumination of strengths and weaknesses is helping to create the balance and wholeness in my life that I have been seeking for so long.

I can’t say enough about the beautiful spirit with which Erin helps me see myself and the love she pours into me as I surrender to the process of loving myself, which love then becomes exponential throughout the life I have created. She is a wonderful instrument for healing in my life and, even though she consistently reminds me that I am bringing these messages to myself through her, I am still very grateful for her presence with me on this journey." – Myra Shelley


"After a coaching session with Erin, I feel brave, courageous and empowered.  I find myself taking action that is congruent with deepest truth.  It isn't that I don't feel fear, but my truth is so clear after talking with Erin that any fear I feel just takes a back seat. Erin is wicked smart and just as compassionate.  She brings a light to my thinking when I am stumbling in the dark in a way that illuminates my best self." - Kim Rice Whittemore



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