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Dream Support Group

What do you do when your nighttime dreams get so big, they start to seep over into your daytime? What about when you aren't sure what the dreams mean, but are sure they mean something? About three years ago, I began to have dreams so intense and so different than anything I had dreamt before, they began to color, and sometimes shadow, my days. My dear friend and fellow Equus Coach, Kasia Roether, had the same experience. We discovered that not many people could understand or support us in our dream processing, so we began to support one another, sharing our dreams with each other and helping each other interpret and understand what the dreams might mean. Kasia and I decided to start a support group for fellow dreamers, because we know how it can be when no one else seems to care about something that is so central to our lives. Each week, we will talk about a different aspect of dreaming, different studies, different experiences and different ways of interpreting dreams. We will also invite those on the call with us to share dreams that are impacting them in big ways.

Big dreams deserve answers. 

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Join our Weekly Call

If you would like to join our weekly call, please email me directly at so I can put you on the list for reminders, updates and call details. Our first call will be Tuesday, August 14th at 12:00pm PT/1:00pm MT/2:00pm CT/3:00pm ET. We will continue to have calls on Tuesdays at the same time. Call details will be emailed to you at your request. It's free!!

Share Your Expertise

If you are a person who knows a lot about dreams and how to interpret them, or you've developed your own method for interpreting dreams and want to share with other dreamers, let us know! If it's a good fit with our group, we'd be happy to feature you on one of our calls. We want to share information with one another about what these dreams might mean, why they seem to be shifting and getting more intense, and what people are doing to help process and integrate their dreams.

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Share Your Dreams

One of the most important purposes of this group is to share our dreams with each other. So we invite you to share your dreams on the call if they feel like BIG dreams, with important messages or meaning. We will facilitate a kind and moderated forum for helping you to understand and interpret your dreams.