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Equus Coaching

Working with horses in the way that we call equus coaching is by far the most transformative work I've ever done. Humans weren't designed to learn in classroom-like settings. We were meant to learn out of doors, in nature, by trying things. We are the ultimate experiential learners. When a horse mirrors back to you how you are showing up, it's difficult to miss. Other humans mirror back to us as well, but we have learned how to lie to each other or how to be polite, rather than saying what we really see. Horses won't intentionally mislead you and they know nothing about being polite. They just say it like it is. Spend a day with me and the horses. Because horses have the ability to mirror back to you how you are interacting with the world, they can teach you how to:

  • Connect with your true purpose
  • Intentionally create the life you want
  • Feel your impact on the world around you

As I spent time with the horses, they began to teach me that I was creating my life, that the feedback I got as I created it wasn’t a judgment but just information that I could use to determine how to go forward. Understanding this enabled me to go back to my life and use the feedback I was getting from people and situations around me to create more of what I wanted. Since I began working in this way with horses, my personal relationships have been completely transformed. All of my relationships with people have become better. Horses have also shown me how to live with purpose, presence and a sense of gratitude and wonder.

Equus Coaching with Groups

I love facilitating group workshops with horses as my co-facilitators. Because I have a background working in large corporations, I love working with companies. I also have experience working with groups of friends or family who want to become a stronger team and stronger individuals. Every group equus coaching experience begins with personal development and then moves to a larger team approach. How is my communication affecting my team? How can we work together to be a better team? Where are the gaps? Horses can show you all this and much more in just a few minutes. If you would like more information about team events, please contact me directly at and we can talk about finding the perfect fit for your group. 


Companies I've worked with

GE               Wells Fargo                    IHG                       MHS                      AICPA


What clients have to say...

"Erin is simply amazing.

I have to admit, we were pretty skeptical when we decided to spend the day with Erin and her horses but the recommendation we received came from someone we trust and love so we thought we would give it a try.

Within minutes of arriving, Erin put our fears to rest and we found ourselves opening up and talking with her like we were long time trusted friends – there is something about her that you simply find yourself trusting.

The work with the horses can’t be captured in words. All I can say is that you have to experience it to believe it. Because the horses can sense doubts and fears in you that have become second nature, their immediate response to your emotions forces you to recognize what you are feeling even when you are not aware that you are feeling it. It’s beyond powerful.

We spent the day with Erin and her horses and plan on going back again. The lessons we learned from working with these amazing animals and Erin’s ability to translate that message to us has impacted us greatly. We have told many of our friends about our experience and plan on putting together a group of people to participate in more of her workshops. One day with her was nothing short of life changing. We look forward to how continued work might better our relationships with co-workers, friends, loved ones and ourselves."

-- Megan Pedersen


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