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Equus Coaching Workshop October 13 Park City, UT 



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A Journey of Self Discovery

Friday, October 13 - Park City, UT

Facilitated by Erin Cutshall

Horses are beautiful mirrors

Join us for a day of self discovery using horses as the mirrors to how we are showing up for ourselves and for others.

You will be supported with grounded, heart-centered facilitation and the nonjudgmental presence of the horses, while being offered a safe space to explore your truth. Horses are magical in their ability to read what is actually there, allowing us to journey more deeply into ourselves, our purpose and our truth.

Equine-Assisted Discovery

Join us Friday, October 13th from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm

Cost $200

Must register to attend.

In This Workshop, You Can:

  • Gain awareness around your own patterns and your stress responses
  • Develop a practice to help you do something with that awareness 
  • Identify how stress manifests in your body
  • Implement tools to relax and get centered and present 
  • Experience how horses see and accept all aspects of us – including those shadow aspects that we reject


Erin Cutshall     

Master Coach, Master Equus Facilitator, MA Organizational Leadership

Erin Cutshall specializes in the areas of leadership development and coaching. The Equus Experience is a unique way for participants to assess self-awareness, leadership presence, communication skills, and team dynamics through interactive activities with horses. Erin is an instructor in two coaching programs (The Koelle Institute,, and Martha Beck Life Coach Training, and combines her coaching experience with over 20 years in corporate finance and leadership, bringing you a unique perspective and a visceral learning experience you just can’t get in the office.    

To register, email Erin at